Sigel Hell Knight
Sigel Phoenix Knight
Sigel Eva's Templar
Sigel Shillien Templar
Tyrr Dreadnought
Tyrr Duelist
Tyrr Maestro
Tyrr Titan
Tyrr Grand Khavatari
Tyrr Doombringer
Othell Adventurer
Othell Wind Rider
Othell Ghost Hunter
Othell Fortune Seeker
Yul Sagittarius
Yul Moonlight Sentinel
Yul Ghost Sentinel
Yul Trickster
Iss Hierophant
Iss Sword Muse
Iss Spectral Dancer
Iss Doomcryer
Iss Dominator
Wynn Arcana Lord
Wynn Elemental Master
Wynn Spectral Master
Feoh Archmage
Feoh Soultaker
Feoh Mystic Muse
Feoh Storm Screamer
Feoh Soulhound
Sayha's Seer
Aeore Cardinal
Aeore Eva's Saint
Aeore Shillien Saint


Grand Soul Cry85,90,95,
passiveP. Atk., P. Def, M. Atk. and M. Def +14% and P. Skill Power +5%. Increases the chance to activate additional effect when the Rampageous Beat is cast.
Freezing Flame85,90,95,
debuffStrikes the target with a magical cold flame. For 10 sec., causes -358 HP per second on the enemy and -423 during PvP.
War Drum85buffFor 150 sec., party members' Max HP +30%, P. Atk. +30%, M. Atk. +33%, and magic cancel rate -40. A chance to apply 8% Vampiric Rage effect.
Marching Drum85buffFor 150 sec., party members' Atk. Spd. +40%, Casting Spd. +30%, Speed +20, Damage Reflection +10%, and Skill Cooldown -10%.
Soothing Drum85buffFor 150 sec., party members' HP Recovery +75%, MP Recovery +100%, and P. Evasion/ M. Evasion +5, and Skill MP Consumption -22%.
Chant of Bison101buffFor 5 min., all party members' P. Atk./ M. Atk. +15% and P. Skill Power/ M. Skill Power +5%. Consumes 10 Spirit Ore.
Required Item: Rune Stone X 8
Crier's Harmony85buffFor 30 min., increases selected party member's P. Atk. by 22%, M. Atk. by 40%, P./ M. Critical Rate by 100%, P. Critical Damage by 70%, and Atk. Spd./ Casting Spd. by 15%, and decreases Skill Cooldown by 20% and Skill MP Consumption by 15%.
Triple Stroke101buffCasts owned War Drum, Marching Drum and Relax Drum all at once.
Required Item: Rune Stone X 4
Rampageous Beat85,86,88,
activeAttacks the target with 21642 Power added to P. Atk. and resets the durations of nearby allies' War/ Marching/ Relax buffs with a certain probability. Requires a sword, blunt weapon, dual sword, or dual blunt weapon to be equipped. Over-hit. Critical.